How to pack for a move

It used to be that when moving, all things were wrapped “in a newspaper”, and now they have been replaced by modern packaging materials. The main rule is to prepare the boxes in small batches, securely fixing them with tape. In the first place – the safety of items during transportation, in the second – compactness, in the third – convenience when disassembling in a new place.

The basic set includes cardboard boxes, sheets of cardboard for items of non-standard shape and design, air bubble wrap for fragile items. For fixing – adhesive tape, to protect the cargo from damage and pollution – stretch film.

Fragile, heavy and valuable items – in small boxes (from 6 to 45 liters). These are dishes, porcelain and crystal products. For reliability, items are wrapped in paper (old newspapers and magazines will do) or air bubble wrap.
Pots and small kitchen appliances, toys, souvenirs, shoes – in medium boxes (45-90 l).
Bulk and light items – in large boxes (90-175 l). These are bed linen, outerwear, blankets and blankets, large soft toys.
For furniture and large equipment – corrugated cardboard, stretch film, foam blocks.
For small and fragile items – polyethylene bags, craft paper.
For clothes and textiles – vacuum bags.

When figuring out how to pack items in moving boxes, keep in mind that they come in different thicknesses. Five-layer cardboard is the most durable. Boxes made of three-layer material are cheaper, but weaker. These are also suitable for moving around the city, and five-layer ones are preferable outside the city or between cities.