Moving cardboard boxes

Anyone who has ever moved with knows that during the move it is impossible to do without cardboard boxes. Boxes perfectly protect things from dirt and moisture, chips and scratches.

One of the questions that people have when they are about to move is where to get cardboard boxes? Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to beg for boxes in stores. Type in the search engine the phrase “cardboard boxes for moving”, and order in the online store those boxes that suit you best.

What are the boxes.

Couple buying a new house.

Boxes are cardboard or plastic, with or without handles. The most common is a four-valve box. The four flaps are folded and taped together. The corrugated cardboard from which the boxes are made can be seven-layer (the most durable, used in construction), five and three-layer. By density, cardboard grades t22, t23 (standard) and t24 (premium, the densest) are distinguished.
According to the dimensions of the box are divided into 3 categories. Small – up to 45 liters, medium – from 45-90 liters. and large over 90 liters. Standard box for transporting office items – 60-70 liters.

When packing in boxes, it is recommended to follow one simple rule.
Pack light items in large boxes, and pack heavy items, such as books, in small boxes. This will save you from the situation with the collapsed bottom of the box and property scattered on the ground.

Buying cardboard boxes for moving is much cheaper than buying new things after moving.