How to transport equipment without loss

According to repairmen, after moving 4 out of 10 refrigerators become unusable. The reason is that the equipment was transported incorrectly. With washing machines, the situation is even sadder – 6 out of 10 break after transportation.

That is why it is worth paying extra attention to the packaging material, loading and transportation of equipment. Proper packaging and proper placement in the car body are important.


Proper packaging (this is protection against external and internal damage).
Additional devices that ensure the safety of equipment.
Correct loading into a suitable truck.
Accurate transportation – along the most successful route (so that there is no speed difference).


Household appliances are disconnected from the mains, then washed from the outside and from the inside. Wait until the device is completely dry. If the device has small additional parts, they are packed separately in cardboard boxes. This will protect the equipment from scratches, abrasions and other damage.

A good helper is bubble wrap. The material protects equipment from shock, dampens vibrations, becomes a barrier to dust and dirt, prevents the accumulation of condensate. An alternative is corrugated cardboard sheets.


The sashes and doors are fixed with adhesive tape, pressing tightly against the body (they do the same with non-detachable wires).
The corners and sides of the equipment are protected from accidental impacts using corrugated cardboard.
The body of the device is wrapped with bubble wrap and fastened with tape.
The upper part of the technique is additionally fastened with cardboard or strong wrapping paper.
On the cardboard indicate the top and bottom of the devices – with a marker.